Families put at risk because of sickening prison drug deals

Hi and thanks for providing a brilliant platform where we can share our stories without prejudice. 
My brother has been in prison a lot. He is a drug addict and when actively using he is not a nice person. He has done some unforgivable things to fund his addiction and has shamed our family. He is in prison now and we have cut down our visiting to once a month because we found out he had been taking drugs in prison. I don't want to go in to great detail but my mother was approached by a stranger saying her son owed £60.00 and she paid it because she was scared her son would be beat up in prison. I was livid. My mum is on a pension and is vulnerable which is why I have moved back in with her for a while. If the Ministry of Justice are reading this; this is the sort of crap we families are dealing with because you have clearly lost control of your prisons! As for offender management; my family are at risk because there's no management taking place! Your job, NOMS, is to protect the public and we are members of the public irrespective of whether my brother, by his own choice, is in prison and is addicted to drugs. As a family we cannot help him and we should not be threatened to enable his addiction whilst he is in prison. Where do prisoners families go from here when prisoners are running the prisons? From a worried family member